After Supreme Court’s abortion decision conservatives face a new and even greater challenge

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In politics, victory is rarely the end of anything; usually it’s just the beginning. Whether an election, passage of a bill, or a court decision, success always presents winners with new and more difficult responsibilities.

The not-so-silent left-wing violence

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The Left loves to deploy catchy monikers in order to make their half-baked, horrifying, and often flat-out destructive policies seem more appetizing. One of the Left’s most popular coined phrases, “silence is violence,” was made popular during the Black Lives Matter protests and riots last…

CARSON: America’s First Freedom Must Remain a Cornerstone of Our Nation

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For centuries, religious freedom has been at the heart of the American identity and is commonly known as America’s first freedom. From the image of George Washington kneeling in prayer at Valley Forge, to Abraham Lincoln’s invocation of God at the end of the Emancipation…