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My American Story with Mrs. Lana Holder

In this episode of My American Story, Mrs. Lana Holder gives us an insider look into what it was really like growing up in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s and her experience immigrating to the United States. Her story showcases Communism for what it really is and the inevitable despair, hardship, and misery it cultivates in a society. We hope you enjoy Dr. Carson and Mrs. Holder’s conversation!

My American Story with Mr. Louie Lu

Mr. Louie Lu is a Chinese American businessman who grew up in Wuhan, China under the brutal rule of Chairman Mao and immigrated to the United States in 1985 to study Physics at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. A truly inspiring ‘rags to riches’ story, Mr. Lu sits down to talk to Dr. Carson about the hardships he faced growing up in Communist China, his journey to faith, his successes in business, and why he loves America.

My American Story – Mike Rydin

Mike Rydin founded HCSS in 1986 from his bedroom and grew it into a world class, 400+ employee company leading innovation in construction software. Mr. Rydin’s story embodies the spirit of American ingenuity, driven by the free enterprise system and individual liberty; values that made this country great and that we firmly support at the American Cornerstone Institute.

My American Story with Mr. Armando Chapelli

Dr. Carson sits down with Mr. Armanado Chapelli to discuss his migration to the United States from Cuba and what it was like to grow up during Castro occupied Cuba. Stories Like Mr. Chapelli's inspire us as Americans who enjoy the luxuries of freedom and allow us to learn of the tragedies and failures of communist systems of government. We hope you enjoy!

Common Sense Solutions

Illegal Immigration and our Southern Border

After four years of stability on our southern border due to the Trump Administration’s America first policies, the illegal immigration crisis is back with a vengeance—and it’s all Joe Biden’s doing. Since President Biden took office, about 5 million illegal immigrants have crossed our...


There is no federal law that mandates how—and more importantly when—state and local officials are required to tabulate results after an election. Therefore, each state has separate processes and procedures on how this is done, which creates a problematic patchwork of different rules and regulations...

Why is there a surge in violent crime across America?

Crime has become the new pandemic. Sweeping across America seemingly unstoppable, random and unprovoked attacks with no rhyme or reason are stoking fear amongst the masses.  Major cities across America are reporting a 50% increase in homicides since 2019, and a 36% increase...

Should Pro-Life Conservatives Shy Away From Defending Their Positions?

In the aftermath of the historic Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court decision, abortion advocates have used fear and intimidation to pressure pro-life conservatives into silence. First, there was the unprecedented leak of the draft decision in May to try to intimidate the...

Why Border States are busing Apprehended Aliens to Major Metropolitan Cities?

The Biden Administration on day one reinstituted the failed Democrat policy of “Catch and Release” which is as simple and destructive as it sounds. Border patrol or law enforcement catches illegals trying to cross the border, briefly detains them, takes their information and releases them...

Civics and history are too often forgotten or overlooked in the 21st Century.

To reunite our country, we must fix this. ​American Cornerstone Institute’s A More Perfect Union Project aims to better equip Americans to govern themselves, the way the founders intended.

The Read The Constitution Challenge

While the Constitution and its amendments are less than 20 pages, many have not read it since they were required to in school. Much of the text is straight forward. John Adams said, “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.” Please take some time to re-read our Constitution and reflect on how it relates to issues facing our nation today.

The Read The Declaration Challenge

President Lincoln called the Declaration of Independence the “immortal emblem of humanity.” It is quite literally the founding document of our nation and the signers pledged “to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” Please take some time to re-read our Declaration of Independence and reflect on how it relates to today’s political environment.

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