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My American Story


My American Story with Mr. Armando Chapelli

Dr. Carson sits down with Mr. Armanado Chapelli to discuss his migration to the United States from Cuba and what it was like to grow up during Castro occupied Cuba. Stories Like Mr. Chapelli's inspire us as Americans who enjoy the luxuries of freedom and allow us to learn of the tragedies and failures of communist systems of government. We hope you enjoy!

Civics and history are too often forgotten or overlooked in the 21st Century.

To reunite our country, we must fix this. ​American Cornerstone Institute’s A More Perfect Union Project aims to better equip Americans to govern themselves, the way the founders intended.

The Read The Constitution Challenge

While the Constitution and its amendments are less than 20 pages, many have not read it since they were required to in school. Much of the text is straight forward. John Adams said, “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.” Please take some time to re-read our Constitution and reflect on how it relates to issues facing our nation today.

The Read The Declaration Challenge

President Lincoln called the Declaration of Independence the “immortal emblem of humanity.” It is quite literally the founding document of our nation and the signers pledged “to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” Please take some time to re-read our Declaration of Independence and reflect on how it relates to today’s political environment.

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