Why is there a surge in violent crime across America?

Crime has become the new pandemic. Sweeping across America seemingly unstoppable, random and unprovoked attacks with no rhyme or reason are stoking fear amongst the masses. 

Major cities across America are reporting a 50% increase in homicides since 2019, and a 36% increase in aggravated assaults. In New York City, crime is spiraling out of control. The rate of serious crimes is up 35% since 2021

This problem isn’t just contained in inner cities, “gentrified” communities and Suburbs are becoming the new targets of violent criminals. People being robbed at gunpoint in broad day light as they go about their daily business, leaving the gym or on their way to work

80% of women and 74% of men in Portland fear of being physically assaulted when they walk down the street. In America you shouldn’t have to fear for your life walking down the street. 

This slide to unlawfulness began during the Obama Administration with the rise in consent decrees to police departments. A consent decree is a DOJ investigation into a police department based on racial factors. This was the beginning of the defund the police movement. 

Police departments across the country came under fire and the rules of engagement were changed. Our men and women in law enforcement couldn’t appropriately do their job for fear of being fired, sent to prison, or worse being labeled as racist. Soon thereafter cries of “defund the police” rang out in the streets and the slide to lawlessness turned into a full-blown avalanche. 

Further underscoring the problem is the lack of penalty or enforcement against criminals. Under the false guise of sentencing reform, and equity, District Attorneys are refusing to properly charge arrested criminals. Dumping them back on the streets, often less than 24 hours after they committed a violent crime.    

The police are fed up with it. When they make an arrest, the criminal will be back on the streets so why even bother… Last year, police in Chicago made arrests in just 12% of reported crimes.

The criminals know that there is no penalty for their actions, there is no disincentive to committing crimes, so they only go bigger and bolder. Unfortunately, there is no law and order in America anymore.

The solution is to elect District Attorneys who are willing to prosecute criminals under the fullest extent of the law as well as provide police with the resources, funding and faith so they can fully execute their mission.