Why Border States are busing Apprehended Aliens to Major Metropolitan Cities?

The Biden Administration on day one reinstituted the failed Democrat policy of “Catch and Release” which is as simple and destructive as it sounds. Border patrol or law enforcement catches illegals trying to cross the border, briefly detains them, takes their information and releases them back into the community with a court date.

Once released they almost always disappear. I mean, wouldn’t you? Seemingly there is no legal consequence for these people other than deportation, which would presumably happen to them at their immigration court hearing anyways… so why even show up. Just don’t get caught.

During the court hearing aliens must establish they had a credible fear in their home country in order to be granted asylum. Economic migrants do not qualify for asylum under the international law, thus many coming from South/central America for economic purposes do not qualify, and are often deported… if they show up

Catch and release, gives the promise of a consequence free ticket to the opportunity paved streets of the USA, creating a pull factor for the people of Central America and Mexico to pour into our country and literally rape and pillage our economy and citizens.

Not to mention the weekly apprehension of known and suspected terrorists from cartel organizations and other terrorist groups who are apprehended every day. A porous open border is one of the most dangerous things facing our country today.

Towns all across the Southern Border are tired of being taken advantage of due to the lax policies of liberal administrations so they decided to send the migrants who have poured into their towns, to liberal enclaves who denote themselves “sanctuary cities.”

A sanctuary city is a denotation by a municipality that they will not enforce immigration laws or refer illegal aliens to ICE or CBP for deportation.

These  “tolerant” big liberal cities claim to welcome Illegal aliens with open arms and give them homes. The only problem is when they start getting bussed en-masse, cities cry for help because they can’t handle the influx of people or can’t afford the strain on their resources.

If we stand any chance at securing our border and protecting our communities, we must rid of policies that incentivize illegal immigration like “catch and release” and sanctuary cities.