What is Little Patriots?

An all-in-one platform featuring online lessons, at-home activities, patriotic books, and sing-a-longs to teach children about our country’s founding principles.

What is the mission?

The racial divide and government overreach are impacting our public schools. Children are being labeled as “victims” and “oppressors.” Curriculum changes are being considered to “modernize” our founding documents. This is incredibly dangerous to the future of our country because the longer this radical ideology is pushed, the further our nation will slide toward socialism and away from our founding principles.

We must not allow that to happen. That’s why the American Cornerstone Institute created the Little Patriots platform. Now, parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers have a free, online resource to use to teach children civics lessons, history, and American values at home, in the car, or after school.

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Why America Matters

Dr. Ben Carson’s first children’s book, Why America Matters, is full of compelling stories based on Dr. Carson is now available!

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