What We Do

Guided by the principles of faith, liberty, community, and life, the American Cornerstone Institute is supplying the resources and support necessary to provide conservative solutions to our nation’s most difficult challenges.


ACI’s independent research team works tirelessly to produce content that educates readers on the most critical issues facing our nation and equips them to take action. Supreme Court cases, proposed legislation, and topics like economic liberty in America have all been subjects of our Cornerstone Papers. Our More Perfect Union Project is dedicated to highlighting the importance of our founding documents and our democratic values, and our Little Patriots Program is providing online resources for parents, caregivers, and teachers to educate children on civics lessons, history, and American values.

Using these tools, and many others, ACI is equipping Americans of all ages to better understand how we became the greatest nation in history and why we must defend our founding principles.


At ACI, we believe “more government” is not the solution to our nation’s challenges. Strong communities and strong families will do more for the future of the United States than the government ever will. At ACI, we are committed to engaging community leaders in states across the country to start conversations and take actions that will restore our national belonging. This cannot be a partisan effort, and it must be central to our laws, our regulations, and our entire spirit of governance.

ACI is determined to work with people from all backgrounds to promote a renewed sense of community at the national and local levels.


Our movement is stronger together, and at ACI we work with conservative, non-partisan, and faith-based organizations in D.C. and across the country to address our nation’s toughest challenges. We are building partnership networks and platforms to provide citizens with access to the best conservative resources and thought leadership from across the movement. This level of collaboration will empower the conservative movement to achieve more for the American people than any one organization could achieve on its own.